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Do you need to have your entire home interior or exterior repainted? Perhaps your stairs or the floors of your property need to be stained, or a structure on your lot requires caulking? If you want the highest measure of service for an excellent price, you are in the right place. Custom Wallpaper Installation & Painting can help you with anything and everything involving quality paintwork in Columbia, TN. Our painting service has remained unmatched for decades! With exceptional quality, affordable rates, timely completion, and ongoing exceptional customer support, the competition is definitely a landslide win for us.

Interior Painting

What We Excel At


Pressure Washing and Wall Preparation

We use modern pressure washing equipment to thoroughly clean different surfaces such as the exterior walls. This is an excellent way to create a smooth and uncontaminated surface for more effective painting. Our wall preparation work is very detail-oriented!


Wallpaper Installation and Removal

Many people choose to have wallpaper installed because it’s a long-lasting wall covering option that comes in many designs and patterns. We are equipped to perform effective wallpaper installation services as well as detailed wallpaper removal.


Interior and Exterior Painting

Refresh the color of your property with the help of a reputable painter! We are happy to follow our clients’ preferred color patterns and repaint every wall using high-quality materials. We do a clean and precise job every time!


Drywall Repair

Damaged drywall downgrades the appearance and value of the entire property. We have the techniques and equipment to conduct effective repairs. We can patch drywall holes and scrapes, replace damaged panels, and ensure seamless results with each repair service.


Deck and Porch Staining

It’s very important to have wooden decks or porches stained and treated every few years to maintain their appearance and enhance their durability. We use top-quality staining materials and excellent techniques to ensure stunning results every time.


Metallic and Glitter Paint Application

Metallic paint can give a very unique and modern look to any room and add more depth and shine. We can use either metallic or glitter paint to cover the walls or create eye-catching details to liven up the room.


Metallic and Acrylic Wall Striping

Give the room a more modern and interesting appearance through the application of vertical or horizontal stripes. We can conduct striping using high-quality metallic or acrylic paints to offer different colors, shades, and finishes that are sure to impress.


Design and Color Consultation

Choosing the most appropriate colors for every room and the exterior walls are important decisions. Our house interior painting specialists are ready and happy to help each client make choices they’re truly happy with by offering excellent design options and providing in-depth color consultations.


Design and Color Consultation

Keep Your Property Looking Fresh


Hire a reputable painting company to help you infuse your property with fresh colors and ensure a more appealing environment. Use colors to your advantage to accentuate the best features of your property and create comfortable spaces that are pleasing to the eye and conducive to a better quality of life. Accent one wall in a large and open room to create a beautiful focal point. Make the walls appear taller with vertical metallic stripes or a small room appear bigger with bright and inviting colors. Here at Custom Wallpaper Installation & Painting, we happily offer color consultations and work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide remarkable results without compromise. Our painters follow industry regulations and uphold exceptionally high standards.


Our Methods

As your go-to painter and wallpaper installer, our company will do all that’s possible to ensure a positive experience. We show up punctually and begin working right away. Thanks to an organized working process, we handle every task in a timely manner and make sure that the work flows at a steady pace. With the use of high-quality materials, we deliver stunning results that our clients can enjoy and truly take pride in.


Take advantage of our professional wallpaper removal service and other valuable offers by reaching out to Custom Wallpaper Installation & Painting directly and booking an appointment. We look forward to providing our clients in Columbia, TN with top-grade services. Contact us today!


Check Our Services List

  • Pressure washing
  • Wall preparation and repair
  • Size, prime, stain, seal
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Custom residential work is our specialty
  • Wallpaper removal service and wall covering installation
  • Sheetrock repair
  • Decks and Porches (Stained and Treated)
  • Metallic paint application
  • Glitter paint application
  • Metallic wall striping (both vertical and horizontal)
  • Acrylic wall striping
  • Design and color consultation service


Client Testimonials

The Best of The Best

Because Doug had been so outstanding to work with when he'd painted our garage, plus he's lived in Columbia all his life, we contacted him to ask who he'd recommend to do some finishing work in our basement. We felt sure we could trust whatever company he recommended. OMG!!! He connected us with just the right people who did outstanding work, just like he does -- and he also worked with them. The basement is now finished and we couldn't be happier! If Doug can do the work you need doing, he's worth however long you have to wait - and if he recommends someone for work he can't do ..... based on our experience, you will be SO GLAD for who he recommends.
Doug ~ appreciate you very very much!

George Barnes
George Barnes
Doug does a fantastic job I will certainly be using him for any painting needs in the future
Elizabeth Faulkner
Elizabeth Faulkner
Doug’s work is AMAZING. He renovated our entire “forever home”. We had to do much of the planning and design over FaceTime as we did not yet live in our home and are 1770 miles away. When we came to town he made every minute count. He had so many great suggestions and executed everything to a “T”. Doug will be our contractor for everything in the future. You will not be disappointed if you use CWI & P for your next project!
Savannah Billingsleyv
Savannah Billingsleyv
A+ painter. I wanted 3 hi gloss black walls with glitter sparkles! They did a perfect job. I couldn't be happier. Thanks.
Major Walker
Major Walker
I recently had them hang wallpaper in my daughter’s room and it looks great. He was very nice and showed up when he said he would and did a great job. I highly recommend them if you need wallpaper hung.
Lisa Carter
Lisa Carter
Highly recommended! Doug did an excellent job painting my living room and hallway. He answered the phone when I called, showed up when he said he would and very professional. The paint job was more than perfect. It was less than 1 week from the time I called him until he finished the job. You won't be disappointed.
Belcher Garage Door
Belcher Garage Door
Doug is an excellent painter. It really shows in his work. You will NOT be disappointed. Fair and honest which is hard to find now days.

Custom Wallpaper Installation & Painting
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Our Services

  • Pressure Washing
  • Wall Preparation
  • Wallpaper Installation
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Drywall Repair
  • Deck Staining
  • Porch Staining
  • Metallic Paint Application
  • Glitter Paint Application
  • Metallic Wall Striping
  • Acrylic Wall Striping
  • Design and Color Consultation
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