Professional Wallpaper Removal: Knowing When to Call in the Experts

Updating your home’s interior can bring fresh life to your spaces. But before you can paint or re-wallpaper, remove the old layers. Removing wallpaper, if it’s been on your walls for years, can be a much more difficult task than many homeowners anticipate. Here are three signs you need a professional wallpaper removal service.

Age and Multiple Layers Equate Complex Problems

If your wallpaper hasn’t seen an update since the era of disco balls, chances are it won’t peel off easily. The adhesive products used in past decades might have hardened over time, bonding paper to walls more severely than expected. Likewise, if there are several generations of wallpaper layered atop each other, a common scenario in older homes, that can make removal tricky. Each layer can present its challenges, necessitating a variety of techniques and tools best handled by professionals.

Tackling Adhesive Without Adding Damage

Sometimes, the paper itself may come off in strips reasonably well but leave behind a stubborn adhesive residue. If you’ve tried various methods, like soaps, solvents, steamers, and still face mottled walls of tenacious gluey remnants, it’s time to call in a removal service provider. They have commercial-grade agents and application techniques that effectively break down adhesives without harming your wall’s surface.

Detecting and Managing Hidden Wall Damage

A common surprise during DIY wallpaper removal is discovering underlying issues with the wall surface, like plaster cracks, drywall damage, and even mold growth, which are not just cosmetic problems but also potential health hazards or structural concerns. Professionals can tackle these delicately and prepare the wall for its next design incarnation.

The decision to employ a professional wallpaper removal service should hinge on these considerations. If you’re facing one or more of these issues and reside in Columbia, TN, hire Custom Wallpaper Installation & Painting for expert assistance. With meticulous attention to detail and superior customer service standards stand ready at your disposal. Contact us at (931) 619-7744 today for inquiries!